Title : L/R
Release Date : 1 ottobre 2015
Label : , ,



- Recorded and mixed in Ancona, Italy, at Hell’z Eye Studio by Paolo Melatti, Claudio Tagliabracci, Giulio Ascoli and Lush Rimbaud, between March and November 2014.
- Mastered at New Mastering Studio (Milan) by Maurizio Giannotti
- Artwork by Raffaele Primitivo
- Band pic by Angelica Muzzi

Lush Rimbaud played:

Korg Microkorg
Malekko Heavy Industry Ekko 616
Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer
MXR Distortion Plus
Boss RE-20 Roland Space Echo
Ampeg svt410hlf cabinet,
1974 Fender dual showman Reverb
Farfisa Matador
Clavia Nord Lead 2x
Ricknenbacker 360 Guitar
1976 Fender Twin Reverb
Fender jazz bass deluxe,
korg monotribe analog synthesizer,
alesis q25 usb controller,
boss geb-7 bass equalizer,
mooer trelicopter bass tremolo.
Drum Sound Drumkit
Ludwig Snare,
Ufip Hi-Hat,
Sabian Ride,
Paiste Crash,
Paiste China,
Evans Drumheads,
Tibetan bowl

- Additional musicians:
Trumpet on “Never regret” and “Superindian”
Eolo Taffi:
Doublebass on “Dark side call”
Giulio Ascoli:
Additional choir on “Superindian” + Synthetic drums on “G-Spot

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